1. "Killing the Golden Goose"

           The Times of India dated 22/03/2011

  1. "Visthruta Antharjala"
    Prajavani dated 06/12/2009
  2. "KSWAN to Link Government Departments"
    Deccan Herald dated 08/12/2009
  3. "Nagarikara Samagra Mahiti Jala"
    Prajavani dated 08/12/2009
  1. "An article on STPI in the special feature of Hindu Frontline Magazine"
    Frontline Volume 26 - Issue 17 :: Aug. 15-28, 2009
  1. "B'loreIT.biz opens on Nov 6"
    Deccan Herald dated 30/10/2008
  2. "IT/BPO exports up 15% in Karnataka"
    Business Standard 30/10/2008
  3. "More than 100 Companies to participate in IT.biz"
    The Hindu dated 30/10/2008
  4. "B'lore to host mega IT event"
    The New Indian Express dated 30/10/2008
  5. "State govt plans single-window system for IT/BT"
    The Times of India dated 30/10/2008
  6. "Nov 6-Bengaluru IT mela"
    Udayavani dated 30/10/2008
  1. "It will be BangaloreIT.biz now"
    Times of India dated 20/08/2008
  2. "CM unveils logo of BangaloreIT.biz"
    Indian Express dated 20/08/2008
  3. "B'lore IT fete gets a makeover"
    Deccan Herald dated 20/08/2008
  4. "Government considering exclusive authority for IT,BT and NT"
    The Hindu dated 20/08/2008
  5. "Grameena Yuvajanarige..."
    Udayavani dated 20/08/2008
  6. "BangaloreIT.biz to have B2B focus"
    The Economic Times dated 20/08/2008
  1. "IT quiz may lure 20 lakh kids"
    Deccan Herald dated 01/09/2007
  2. "Karnataka software exports at rupees 12,500 cr"
    Indian Express dated 01/09/2007
  1. "Extend STPI scheme till 2019,says Raja"
    Deccan Herald dated 11/08/2007
  2. "Raja for extending tax holiday IT cos"
    Business Line dated 11/08/2007
  3. "FM urged to extend STPI scheme till 2019"
    Financial Express dated 11/08/2007
  4. "STPI award for Acropetal"
    Business Line dated 10/08/2007
  5. "CAD/CAE outsourcing poised to groe at 30 pc, says study"
    Deccan Herald dated 10/08/2007
  6. "Government Ready to help businesses grow, says Katta"
    Hindu dated 10/08/2007
  7. "Seven IT-BT firms registred every week"
    Times of India dated 10/08/2007
  8. "Infy, Wipro bag top IT export awards"
    Deccan Herald dated 09/08/2007
  9. "IT awards presented"
    Times of India dated 09/08/2007
  10. "Award for best IT exporter"
    Indian Express dated 09/08/2007
  11. "Rajyada Etharedegu...."
    Udaya Vani dated 09/08/2007
  12. "Nasscom plans status study for BPO sector"
    Deccan Herald dated 08/08/2007
  13. "'Ethics framework' for IT/ITeS industry"
    Indian Express dated 08/08/2007
  14. "Nasscom to study BPO landscape"
    Times of India dated 08/08/2007
  15. "Extended STPI to offset Rerise loss:Nasscom"
    Business Standard dated 07/08/2007
  16. "Extended STPI scheme to offset rupee losses"
    Economic Times dated 07/08/2007
  17. "Re Appreciation not good for IT sector growth:Nasscom Cheif"
    Financial Express dated 07/08/2007
  18. "Re rise has hit growth of IT/ITeS:Karthik"
    Times of India dated 07/08/2007
  19. "IT/ITeS sector to offer two lakh additional jobs in next year"
    Deccan Herald dated 07/08/2007
  20. "Give as a 'tax' break, cry ITeS"
    Deccan Herald dated 07/08/2007
  1. "BangaloreIT.in to leverage on ecosystem"
    Business Standard dated 17/07/2007
  2. "BangaloreIT.in to be Gateway of Asia"
    Deccan Herald dated 17/07/2007
  3. "BangaloreIT.in targets pan-Asian profile"
    Economic Times dated 17/07/2007
  4. "IT Industry sees positive govt response to B'lore's civic issues""
    Financial Express dated 17/07/2007
  5. "SEZs:STPI seeks Clarification from Centre on land acquisition"
    Hindu dated 17/07/2007
  6. "BangaloreIT.in Positioned as 'Gateway to Asia'"
    Indian Express dated 17/07/2007
  7. "Industry to Lead BangaloreIT.in 2007"
    Times of India dated 17/07/2007
  8. "Bengaloru IT Mela"
    Udaya Vani dated 17/07/2007
  1. "BangaloreIT.in Advisory Committee Meeting"
    Times of India dated 23/06/2007
  2. "New IT Panel Formed"
    Deccan Herald dated 22/06/2007
  1. "IT exports up by 39.05%"
    Business Line dated 03/05/2007
  2. "IT industry grows 31 pc in 2006"
    Indian Express dated 03/05/2007
  3. "Indian IT/ITeS to grow 18 pc in 5 years, says IDC"
    Deccan Herald dated 03/05/2007
  4. "IT, ITeS to be $100 bn sector by 2011"
    Business Standard dated 03/05/2007
  1. "MRO-TEK rolls out one-millionth product"
    Business Standard dated 19/04/2007
  2. "MRO-TEK rolls out millionth product"
    Hindu dated 19/04/2007
  3. "Software exports from Mysore to cross Rs 600 cr"
    Indian Express dated 02/04/2007
  1. "Sunset or not,clauses in IT not desired"
    Indian Express dated 28/02/2007
  2. "IT exports to touch $75bn"
    Business Standard dated 02/02/2007
  1. "IT-BPO exports to cross $31b this year"
    Times of India dated 24/01/2007
  2. "IT revenue to cross $47b"
    Hindu dated 24/01/2007
  3. "IT industry galloping:Nasscom"
    Business Standard dated 24/01/2007
  4. "Hosting bonanza"
    Financial Express dated 22/01/2007
  5. "Mysore nets $5 million IT investment"
    Indian Express dated 14/01/2007
  6. "B.V.Naidu Joins SemIndia"
    Times of India dated 13/01/2007
  7. "B.V.Naidu Joins SemIndia"
    Hindu dated 13/01/2007
  8. "B.V.Naidu,MD,SemIndia Systems"
    Business Line dated 13/01/2007
  9. "IT exports to touch $ 40 billion by year end"
    Indian Express dated 08/01/2007
  10. "STPI eyes Rs 30cr exports from Nashik"
    Business Standard dated 05/01/2007
  11. "DIT proposes extension of tax benefits to STPI"
    Financial Express dated 04/01/2007
  12. "STPI_AP, K'TAKA New Directors"
    Business Standard dated 04/01/2007
  1. "STPI issue affects SME software, BPO upgrades"
    Business Standard dated 23/12/2006
  2. "Vision Groups calls for deeper IT penetration"
    Business Standard dated 19/12/2006
  3. "STPI head to enter corporate world"
    Hindu dated 16/12/2006
  1. "Towering Wimax"
    Indian Express dated 06/11/2006
  2. "Maran wants tax sopsfor IT companies to continue"
    Times of India dated 03/11/2006
  3. "India IP forum proposed"
    Business Line dated 03/11/2006
  4. "STPI Policy will be extended:Maran"
    Business Line dated 03/11/2006
  5. "9,55,477 Participate in Rural IT Quiz"
    Indian Express dated 02/11/2006
  6. "Government to hold IT investors' meet in Belguam"
    Hindu dated 01/11/2006
  7. "Besides roads, SMEs want 'innovation ifrastructure'"
    Indian Express dated 01/11/2006
  1. "IT race:Bengal plugs in with South Asia"
    Times of India dated dated 29/10/2006
  2. "Nourishing Brand Bangalore"
    Times of India dated dated 29/10/2006
  3. "Japan comes calling on India"
    Deccan Herald dated 29/10/2006
  4. "West Bengal woos IT companies"
    Deccan Herald dated 29/10/2006
  5. "Semiconductor industry in focus"
    Deccan Herald dated 29/10/2006
  6. "IT's Damp Squib on day one"
    Deccan Herald dated 29/10/2006
  7. "West Bengal Rolls out red carpet for IT sector"
    Hindu dated 29/10/2006
  8. "Top executives to address HR conference"
    Hindu dated 29/10/2006
  9. "India is hot destination for IP"
    Hindu dated 29/10/2006
  10. "WiMax trial run Impressive"
    Hindu dated 29/10/2006
  11. "Rain blamed for low turnout"
    Hindu dated 29/10/2006
  12. "West Bengal Pitches for IT in Bangalore"
    Buisiness Line dated 29/10/2006
  13. "IT.in 2006"
    Udaya Vani dated 29/10/2006
  14. "250 cos vote for B'lore IT.in '06"
    Economic Times dated 28/10/2006
  15. "We will maintain our position in knowledge sector-Kumaraswamy"
    Hindu dated 28/10/2006
  16. "Dream Plan for unclogging B'lore"
    Deccan Herald dated 28/10/2006
    Indian Express dated 28/10/2006
  18. "WIth WiMax, Bangaloreans can telecommunicate,hopes CM"
    Times of India dated dated 28/10/2006
  19. "IT Uddimege Ella Neravu.."
    Udaya Vani dated 28/10/2006
  20. "B'lore IT.in'06 to harp on IP, innovation"
    Economic Times dated 27/10/2006
  21. "CM Kicks off BngaloreIT.in"
    Indian Express dated 27/10/2006
  22. "Technology Ushers in IT expo"
    Times of India dated 27/10/2006
  23. "WiMax Takes off in Bangalore"
    Times of India dated 27/10/2006
  24. "Ninth Bangalore IT.in Kicks-off Today"
    Indian Express dated 27/10/2006
  25. "Ninth Edition of Bangalore IT.in Kicks-off Today"
    Indian Express dated 27/10/2006
  26. "Free Wireless Internet at IT.in"
    Indian Express dated 27/10/2006
  27. "IT.in 2006 ..."
    Udaya Vani dated 26/10/2006
  1. "Karnataka Software Exports up 36%"
    Business Standards dated 04/05/2006
  2. "Karnataka IT Exports may touch Rs 50,000 Cr"
    Business Line dated 04/05/2006
  3. "Karnataka IT Exports cross $8bn"
    Economic Times dated 04/05/2006
  4. "Karnataka logs 37% growth in software exports at Rs 38K Cr"
    Financial Express dated 04/05/2006
  5. "State's software exports up by 36%"
    The Hindu dated 04/05/2006
  6. "Karnataka's IT exports worth Rs 40,000 Crore"
    Indian Express dated 04/05/2006
  7. "State's software exports touch Rs 37,600 Cr"
    Times of India dated 04/05/2006
  8. "State's software exports up by 36%"
    Udaya Vani dated 04/05/2006
  1. "State IT Exports Up 30%"
    Deccan Herald dated 18/02/2006
  2. "Karnataka Still tops in IT investements, exports"
    Economic Times dated 18/02/2006
  3. "IT Exports record 29.8 percent growth"
    The Hindu dated 18/02/2006
  4. "State Leads in IT Exports"
    Indian Express dated 18/02/2006
  5. "State's Software Exports rise"
    Times of India dated 18/02/2006
  6. "Panel Clears Infosys plan for 2nd Campus in Bangalore"
    Business Line dated 18/02/2006
  1. "Karnataka Software Exports upto 52%"
    Business Line dated 29/04/2005
  2. "Karnataka's Software Exports grew 52%"
    Business Standard dated 29/04/2005
  3. "State records impressive growth in IT"
    Deccan Herald dated 29/04/2005
  4. "Karnataka's IT Exports 52% and growing"
    Economic Times dated 29/04/2005
  5. "Karnataka plans an IT windfall in tier-2 cities"
    Economic Times dated 29/04/2005
  6. "Karnataka posts 52% growth in software exports in 2004-05"
    Financial Express dated 29/04/2005
  7. "State IT exports grows by 52 pc..."
    Indian Express dated 29/04/2005
  8. "State software export logs in 52% jump"
    Times of India dated 29/04/2005
  1. "IT biggies turn to Mysore,Mangalore"
    Times of India dated 06/11/2004
  2. "7th IT.Com comes to close with 'excellent response'"
    Indian Experess dated 06/11/2004
  3. "MysoreIT.Com seems to have logged off"
    Hindu dated 03/11/2004
  4. "STPI sharpens focus on smaller towns"
    Economic Times dated 03/11/2004
  5. "Non-metros to see faster growth"
    Business Line dated 03/11/2004
  6. "Hi_tech city for Bangalore"
    Indian Express dated 02/11/2004
  7. "Pot-Holded roads aside,IT.Com takes off"
    Economic Times dated 02/11/2004
  8. "Hi-Tech city to begin on Nov 15"
    Business Standards dated 15/10/2004
  1. "Bangalore mahathi thantra gnana..."
    Udaya Vani dated 30/10/04
  2. "IT.Com 2004 largest ever"
    Indian Experess dated 30/10/2004
  3. "IT.COM gets bigger,better"
    Economic Times dated 30/10/2004
  4. "IT.Com aims at high end"
    Business Standards dated 30/10/2004
  5. "Bangalore IT.COM from November 1st"
    Business Line dated 30/10/2004
  6. "No boycott,tech firms will click IT.Com"
    Times of India dated 28/10/2004
  7. "Don't worry, govt tells IT industry again"
    Times of India dated 15/10/2004
  8. "Bangalore still a draw for IT investments"
    Indian Express dated 15/10/2004
  9. "92 IT,BPO firms set up in six months"
    Hindu dated 15/10/2004
  10. "Bangalore Electronics City companies call off protest"
    Economic Times dated 15/10/2004
  11. "Cos to take part in IT.com as Karnataka govt agrees to act"
    Economic Times dated 15/10/2004
  12. "Govt sets at rest IT firms' fears over infrastructure"
    Deccan Herald dated 15/10/2004
  13. "IT.COM BOYCOTT CALLED OFF City software exports surge 34 percent"
    Business Standards dated 15/10/2004
  14. "IT.com to focus on games software, animation"
    Business Line dated 15/10/2004
  15. "Expert sees firm trend in outsourcing growth"
    Business Line dated 14/10/2004
  16. "Focus on disaster recovery,data security must"
    Times of India dated 14/10/2004
  17. "IT's bangalore"
    Times of India dated 11/10/2004
  18. "News maker(BFIT-ing the IT clan)"
    Times of India dated 11/10/2004
  19. "IT majors to boycott bangalore IT.Com"
    Times of India dated 09/10/2004
  1. "Bangalore gets Rs700 crore foreign investment"
    Business Standards dated 07/07/04
  2. "IT firms commit Rs 670 crore in Bangalore"
    Deccan Herald dated 07/07/04
  3. "Bangalore To Host IT Conference In September"
    Financial Express dated 07/07/04
  4. "Foreign IT firms plan Rs 670 crore investment"
    Indian Express dated 07/07/04
  5. "IT.com 2004 to focus on investments, jobs"
    Business Line dated 06/07/04
  6. "karnataka to spread IT boom to secondary,tertiary cities"
    Business Standards dated 06/07/04
  7. "BangaloreIT.com to focus on State's secondary cities"
    Deccan Herald dated 06/07/04
  8. "IT.COM'04 gets rural touch"
    Economic Times dated 06/07/04
  9. "IT.COM2004 To Focus On Job Creation In Karnataka"
    Financial Express dated 06/07/04
  10. "IT.Com to cover media, animation sector"
    The Hindu dated 06/07/04
  11. "Bangalore IT.Com has a new agenda"
    Indian Express dated 06/07/04
  12. "IT will have rural touch this year, BangaloreIT.com to be showcased in districts too"
    Times of India dated 06/07/04
  13. "IT Seva Kshethra"
    Udaya Vani dated 06/07/04
  1. "Premji to head Karnataka IT task force"
    Times of India dated 28/02/03
  1. "Exit IT.COM 2002,enter optimism, employment"
    Indian Express dated 02/11/2002
  1. "1-teraflop computer coming on Dec 16"
    Times of India dated 31/10/2002
  2. "Customer retention cheaper than client acquisition: Nilekani"
    Indian Express dated 30/10/2002
  3. "Customer: The nucleus of technology services universe"
    Times of India dated 30/10/2002
  4. "Software Industry in India: A Positive Look out of the Negative Impact"
    Business Standard dated 28/10/2002
  5. "City hopes to do IT in style"
    Indian Express dated 28/10/2002
  6. "Walking down memory lane"
    Times of India dated 28/10/2002
  7. "From Monday, its all about IT in Bangalore"
    Indian Express dated 27/10/2002
  8. "STPI likely to oppose merger move"
    Times of India dated21/10/2002
  9. "STPI not keen to merge Ernet with itself"
    Business Line dated21/10/2002
  10. "STPI Bangalore To Offer Plug and Play Incubation Stations"
    Financial Express dated08/10/2002
  1. "STD/ISD rates may drop in future : Mahajan" Deccan Herald dated 20/09/2002
  2. "Hi-Tech inauguration of STPI goes up in smoke"
    The Hindu dated 20/09/2002
  3. "IT for the masses is my mission: Mahajan"
    The Hindu dated 20/09/2002
  4. "Hubli IT Park inauguration"
    Samyukta Karnataka dated 20/09/2002
  5. "Hubli IT park inaugurated"
    Times of India dated 20/09/2002
  6. "Hudco will help for IT parks"
    Vijay Karnataka dated 20/09/2002
  7. "IT parks in Belgaum and Gulbarga"
    Vijay Karnataka dated 20/09/2002
  8. "Mahajan puts IT back on State menu"
    Indian Express dated 20/09/2002
  9. "30 Billion dollar Software Exports"
    Samyukta Karnataka dated 20/09/2002
  10. "India:IT Super power"
    Vijay Karnataka dated 20/09/2002
  11. "Hubli IT Park inauguration today"
    Samyukta Karnataka dated 20/09/2002
  12. "Hubli: IT Park inauguration"
    Samyukta Karnatka dated 19/09/2002
  13. "Mahajan to inaugurate IT Park in Hubli today"
    The Hindu dated 19/09/2002
  1. "The idea is to project the technological capability of India as a whole"
    Express Computer dated 26/08/2002
  2. Hubli infotech park opening deferred
    The Times of India dated 23/08/2002
  3. Taj Mahal of outsourcing rules IT
    The Times of India dated 14/08/2002
  1. IT road map for Mysore still hazy
    The Times of India dated 16/07/2002
  2. Mysore techies set to prove their mettle
    Business Line dated 13/07/2002
  3. Software making good strides in Mysore: STPI Director
    Deccan Herald dated 13/07/2002
  4. Secondary cities should be projected: STPI chief
    Indian Express dated 13/07/2002
  5. STPI seeks DoT nod to give bandwidth for call centres
    Deccan Herald dated 03/07/2002
  6. Mangalore IT park is raring to go
    Indian Express dated 03/07/2002
  7. STPI seeks bandwidth for call centres
    Business Line dated 03/07/2002
  8. STPI units feel the crunch of slowdown
    Business Line dated 01/07/2002
  1. War clouds don't scare techies
    The Times of India dated 04/06/2002
  2. War? City is safest place on earth: Govt
    Indian Express dated 04/06/2002
  3. STPI to invite fresh bids by month-end
    Business Line dated 04/06/2002
  1. STPI posts 46.97% export growth
    The Times of India dated 27/05/2002
  2. STPI posts 47 pc growth at Rs 29,470 Cr
    Business Line dated 27/05/2002
  3. Concern over closure of eight IT firms
    The Hindu dated 23/05/2002
  4. Software sector bouncing back, says STPI official
    Business Standard dated 15/05/2002
  5. STPI signs pact with Brocade
    Business Line dated 15/05/2002
  6. Bangalore does IT again
    The Times of India dated 04/05/2002
  7. Karnataka software exports up 33%
    The Economic Times dated 04/05/2002
  8. STPI Karnataka exports up 33 pc
    Business line dated 04/05/2002
  9. Software exports from State clock 33 pc growth
    Deccan Herald dated 04/05/2002
  10. Karnataka software exports grow 33 per cent growth
    Indian Express dated 04/05/2002
  1. Disaster recovery services
    Business Line dated 04/04/2002
  2. Bangalore serves as IT server home IANS
    The Times of India dated 04/04/2002
  3. STPI signs MoU with Brocade for SAN's
    Deccan Herald dated 04/04/2002
  1. IT focus shifts to Hubli
    The Times of India dated 29/03/2002
  2. Sun shines on geeks: Software exports hit Rs 6,600-crore mark
    Indian Express dated 13/03/2002
  1. Go for quality, not volumes: STPI Chief
    The Times of India dated 05/01/2002