Press Releases: Bangalore does IT again

BANGALORE: The nation's IT capital has once again lived up to its reputation.

Beating the global IT slowdown, software exports from Karnataka touched the magic figure of Rs 10,000 crore during 2001-2002, resulting in an impressive 33 per cent jump, ahead of the 29 per cent national growth rate announced by National Association of Software and Service Companies (Nasscom) on Thursday. Last fiscal, Karnataka had exported software worth Rs 7,500 crore.

This constitutes almost one-third of the country's Rs 36,500 crore worth software exports and services turnover.

Karnataka's growth is the highest among the software growth centres in India, followed by Noida, Maharashtra and Chennai.

"There is a high-end technology/industry concentration among the IT companies in Bangalore," STPI Bangalore Director B.V. Naidu pointed out during a press briefing on the state's IT sector performance.

Interestingly, in Bangalore, of the 110 companies registered during the last fiscal, 60 percent were 100 per cent foreign equity companies while only 5 per cent were large Indian companies. "There was an increase of about 35 per cent in the small and medium companies," he added.

"In spite of the September 11 crisis, Bangalore continues to attract one new 100 percent foreign equity company every week," Karnataka IT Secretary Vivek Kulkarni said.

The good news was that hardware exports were also on a lively footing. The Electronic Hardware Technology Park (EHTP) companies have also grown with the overall hardware exports reaching Rs 840 crore, recording an impressive 129 per cent rise over last year, Naidu said.

Mangalore and Mysore were coming up as promising centres. Mangalore whizzed past other secondary cities with Rs 240 crore worth of exports and a galloping growth rate of 45 percent. Exports from Mysore had touched Rs 40 crore __ with a steady 30 per rate.

Infosys Technologies and Wipro Technologies achieved more than Rs 1,000 crore, while 13 companies touched more than Rs 100 crore. Ninety five companies fell in the range of Rs 10-100 crore, B, Mahesh, joint director, STPI Bangalore, pointed out.

The number of units in the software technology park units had gone up to 1,038 from 928 during the 2001-2002, he added.

For the year 2002-2003, the state has projected an ambitions 40 to 45 percent growth for the software industry in the state.