Press Releases: IIIT-B students upbeat over placement

PTI [ SUNDAY, JANUARY 12, 2003 07:03:15 PM ]

BANGALORE: Students of the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore, the country’s technology capital, are upbeat, as slow-down in the sector globally has had no impact on placement.

According to IIIT-B's director, S Sadagopan, 109 out of the 121 students who graduated on Sunday have already received placement in some of the best Indian, American, British, German, Chinese and Singapore companies.

"The remaining 12 students have finished interviews and are expecting their offers soon; considering the grim scenario around, it is no mean achievement,” he said at the third annual convocation of IIIT-B. Sadagopan said "Backend Bangalore", a company that got incubated at IIIT-B, has come out with a product "Vyavastha", an e-procurement product that has commercially started selling its licenses this year.

A novel scheme to create high quality textbooks on various information technology subjects, a virtual organisation titled "IIIT-B Press", has been launched with a goal of enabling 100 titles in IT from India over a five-year period, he said.

The government of Karnataka, Sadagopan said, has requested IIIT-B to handhold the project of VAT implementation in the state, adding, over the next several months IIIT-B would assist the commercial taxes department (in partnership with STPI, CMC and an international agency) in this regard.