Press Releases: Mauritius PM expects IT to lead development


NEW DELHI: Information and communication technology will lead the way for Mauritius’ future economic development, Prime Minister of Mauritius, Anerood Jugnauth told a CII business meet in the capital. ICT will be the ``key pillar of development in the country’’, he said

He pointed out that traditionally the economy has depended on agriculture, textile & garment industry, tourism and financial services sector for growth. However, new initiatives by the government in the field of information and communication technology seek to turn Mauritius into a knowledge-based economy. He acknowledged that the $100m line of credit extended to Mauritius by the Government of India, as a key component in launching the ICT drive in the island nation.

He said his government wants to transform Mauritius into a cyber island, which will be first of its kind in the entire region. The first step towards this will be to set up a cyber city, whose first phase will be inaugurated in December this year.  Indian IT bigwigs like Infosys, Pentasoft and Satyam have already expressed deep interest in establishing a presence in Mauritius.

Mr Jugnauth said initial steps have been taken to set up a specialised entity called the Business Parks of Mauritius (BPML). He also mentioned that BPML has established a strategic partnership with the Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) as an MoU to facilitate setting up of a Disaster Recovery Services Centre.

Inviting Indian businessmen engaged in ICT to Mauritius he pointed towards the vast francophone market that remains largely untapped. He also stressed the fact that Mauritius has immense freeport and warehousing facilities, which help make it a key business hub and a trading bridge between India and the African continent.