Press Releases: Bangalore does IT again

PTI[ TUESDAY, JANUARY 14, 2003 02:52:47 PM ]

NEW DELHI: Driven by a strong performance of its core business of high speed data connectivity, Software Technology Parks of India has posted a revenue of Rs 125 crore in the 2001-02 fiscal.

In fact, STPI, which has not published its annual report for the last two fiscals -- 2000-01 and 2001-02 -- has completed the entire process, official sources told PTI.

In 2000-01, STPI posted a revenue of Rs 106 crore and in 2001-02, its revenue touched about Rs 125 crore due to volume increase in data traffic through software export companies to whom STPI provides connectivity, they said.

Among its other revenue streams, STPI also provides consulting services to states and internationally also, they said adding, however, its a very small source of revenue.

STPI had last published its annual report in 1999-2000 where it had reported a revenue of Rs 78.06 crore

According to sources, the delay in the publication of annual reports is due to the time taken by STPI to operate in a liberalised era where many private companies like Bharti, Reliance and Satyam started offering bandwidth to companies on commercial rates.

It was during 2000-01, when private players started providing part of the same services like offering bandwidth to software export companies in which STPI was earlier the sole provider. Therefore a lot of time and attention were given to adjusting to the new environment, sources said.

provides high speed data connectivity through satellite earth stations and international private leased circuits in the bandwidth range of 64 Kbps to 2 Mbps.

STPI, which has about 350 customers around the country in the form of software exporting companies, provides HSDC facilities to those which are registered with it.

In 2001-02, software exports from STPI units across the country grew 47 per cent to Rs 29,523 crore while this fiscal they are likely to touch Rs 42,000 crore.