August 2007

  1. "Extend STPI scheme till 2019,says Raja"
    Deccan Herald dated 11/08/2007
  2. "Raja for extending tax holiday IT cos"
    Business Line dated 11/08/2007
  3. "FM urged to extend STPI scheme till 2019"
    Financial Express dated 11/08/2007
  4. "STPI award for Acropetal"
    Business Line dated 10/08/2007
  5. "CAD/CAE outsourcing poised to groe at 30 pc, says study"
    Deccan Herald dated 10/08/2007
  6. "Government Ready to help businesses grow, says Katta"
    Hindu dated 10/08/2007
  7. "Seven IT-BT firms registred every week"
    Times of India dated 10/08/2007
  8. "Infy, Wipro bag top IT export awards"
    Deccan Herald dated 09/08/2007
  9. "IT awards presented"
    Times of India dated 09/08/2007
  10. "Award for best IT exporter"
    Indian Express dated 09/08/2007
  11. "Rajyada Etharedegu...."
    Udaya Vani dated 09/08/2007
  12. "Nasscom plans status study for BPO sector"
    Deccan Herald dated 08/08/2007
  13. "'Ethics framework' for IT/ITeS industry"
    Indian Express dated 08/08/2007
  14. "Nasscom to study BPO landscape"
    Times of India dated 08/08/2007
  15. "Extended STPI to offset Rerise loss:Nasscom"
    Business Standard dated 07/08/2007
  16. "Extended STPI scheme to offset rupee losses"
    Economic Times dated 07/08/2007
  17. "Re Appreciation not good for IT sector growth:Nasscom Cheif"
    Financial Express dated 07/08/2007
  18. "Re rise has hit growth of IT/ITeS:Karthik"
    Times of India dated 07/08/2007
  19. "IT/ITeS sector to offer two lakh additional jobs in next year"
    Deccan Herald dated 07/08/2007
  20. "Give as a 'tax' break, cry ITeS"
    Deccan Herald dated 07/08/2007