October 2004

  1. "Bangalore mahathi thantra gnana..."
    Udaya Vani dated 30/10/04
  2. "IT.Com 2004 largest ever"
    Indian Experess dated 30/10/2004
  3. "IT.COM gets bigger,better"
    Economic Times dated 30/10/2004
  4. "IT.Com aims at high end"
    Business Standards dated 30/10/2004
  5. "Bangalore IT.COM from November 1st"
    Business Line dated 30/10/2004
  6. "No boycott,tech firms will click IT.Com"
    Times of India dated 28/10/2004
  7. "Don't worry, govt tells IT industry again"
    Times of India dated 15/10/2004
  8. "Bangalore still a draw for IT investments"
    Indian Express dated 15/10/2004
  9. "92 IT,BPO firms set up in six months"
    Hindu dated 15/10/2004
  10. "Bangalore Electronics City companies call off protest"
    Economic Times dated 15/10/2004
  11. "Cos to take part in IT.com as Karnataka govt agrees to act"
    Economic Times dated 15/10/2004
  12. "Govt sets at rest IT firms' fears over infrastructure"
    Deccan Herald dated 15/10/2004
  13. "IT.COM BOYCOTT CALLED OFF City software exports surge 34 percent"
    Business Standards dated 15/10/2004
  14. "IT.com to focus on games software, animation"
    Business Line dated 15/10/2004
  15. "Expert sees firm trend in outsourcing growth"
    Business Line dated 14/10/2004
  16. "Focus on disaster recovery,data security must"
    Times of India dated 14/10/2004
  17. "IT's bangalore"
    Times of India dated 11/10/2004
  18. "News maker(BFIT-ing the IT clan)"
    Times of India dated 11/10/2004
  19. "IT majors to boycott bangalore IT.Com"
    Times of India dated 09/10/2004