About Manipal

Manipal comes under the newly formed Udupi district, which is known for technical and medical education. There is lot of scope in this district for developing Information Technology and software development related activities. Manipal is 65 Kms away from Mangalore, Which is well connected by Roads, Train and Airways. The nearest railway Station is at Udupi and the nearest airport is Mangalore.

About STPI Manipal

STPI-Manipal is one of the international Gateways of STPI, Located in 2nd Floor KarMic Building, Rajeev Nagar,Alevoor Road,Manipal. STPI - Manipal started operations in November 1999 in T M A Pai Planetarium Building. Our objective is to encourage and promote software exports from sub-centers.


Technical Details & Services

STPI-Manipal provides High speed Data-Communication services and quality Internet Services known as SoftPoint and SoftLink respectively to software exporters. These services, collectively known as SoftNet, are provided with 24/7customer support and help desk managed by skilled and well-trained engineers.

Apart from High speed International Data Communication facility, we also provide quality Internet services to Software exporters, Educational & Govt. institutions and general users. Our major clients have been Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) , Manipal printers and Robosoft Technologies.

Local connectivity between STPI and the customer premises is achieved through Microwave communications. A 50 meter communication mast in STPI campus acts as the central unit. The customer is connected to the central unit through a point-to-point Radio link. Organizations interested in availing STPI services need not be located in the STPI campus. They can be serviced in and around of 30 Kms of radial distance.

 STPI Manipal major Software Exporters :

  • Robosoft Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Manipal Digital Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Karnataka Micro Electronics Chip Design Pvt Ltd
  • Manipal Dot Net Pvt Ltd
  • Indevor Soft-Tech Pvt Ltd
  • Zeta Cyber solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Global Delight Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Telenetex Pvt Ltd
  • 99 Games Pvt Ltd


Officer In Charge
Software Technology Parks of India

2nd Floor , KarMic Building,

Rajeev Nagar, 80 Badagubettu, Alevoor Road, Manipal

Parkala Post,Udupi District, Karnataka, India 567107

phone no: 0820 2575752