Satellite Carrier Monitoring Services

STPI-Bengaluru has been providing Satellite CMS services (Carrier monitoring Services) to the Foreign Satellite operator like Europe Star, PanAmSat, Intelsat, ARTEL since the year 2000.

The primary scope of the services were to provide collocation space for installing outdoor antennas and rack space for installing all CMS equipments in a secure facility inside the NOC with the entire necassry support infrastructure like Electrical power, Precision Air-conditioning, plenum floor, fire alarm, access control system, 24/7 service support and Internet connectivity. STPI has dedicated Service Support teams with account managers for these services.  

Currently the antennae installed at the Network Operations Centre premises of STPI monitors the different satellites of Panamsat, Europe Star and Intelsat (both C and Ku band transponders) and provide connectivity to the master stations abroad through Internet connectivity.